ISS Art, LLC Quality policy serves objectives of the Company, meets customers' requirements and expectations and makes an integral part of the entire software development policy of the Company.
The main Company's objective is to maintain and strengthen its position in the market thanks to maintaining customers' trust in ISS Art, LLC as a high quality software developer.
To achieve its main objective Company does its best to:
  • build Company's development strategy based on customers' requirements and external environment influence analysis
  • meet demand for Company's services of current and prospective customers;
  • be open for partnership;
  • when carrying on business strictly follow provisions and standards of the current legislation and internal policy regulating Company's operations and ethics of business conduct;
  • create a favourable environment for employees' work and professional growth;
  • maintain and improve quality management system efficiency, and its compliance with ISO 9000 standards.

CEO of ISS Art, LLC undertakes commitments to realize Quality policy:

  • keep strictly to the declared principles, constantly improve quality management system efficiency and encourage all employees to actively participate in its realization.