Crisstal Eye

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CrISStal Eye – employees’ time tracking system. The system is designed to control the time and, consequently, the budget of a project.

The system:

  • Takes screenshots every 10 minutes at random times.
  • Provides reporting as to the time spent over a period required (hour, day, month). 
  • Performs cost effectiveness analysis for time spent on a particular task.

CrISStal Eye offers undeniable benefits for you

  • No commission fee or monthly payment is required (only for your projects with ISS Art company);
  • No upward rounding of work time. Rounding to seconds;
  • Offline screenshots can be taken in the absence of the Internet connection;
  • All project screenshots are stored on our secure server, third party access is excluded. All the information is cyphered when being transferred to our server. We use high-end cyphering on servers of international standard.

How does CrISStal Eye work?

It’s very simple! At the start of the project we provide you with access credentials to your personal account.
All your projects (one or more) can be seen in your personal account. Each project includes all the team members working on the project. You can view the project data both separately and in aggregate. In the same manner, the time spent can be viewed: both by a separate employee and by all employees together.
To let you know about all the opportunities of CrISStal we can provide you with a user manual.

Learn more

Visit CrISStal Eye website and learn more about the product features! You can also get a trial version of the product and/or purchase a subscription for the desired number of users for the required time through the website. These features will be available soon - stay tuned!

Want to purchase CrISStal Eye for your projects?

Just drop us an email with "CrISStal Eye" subject to or fill in Contact Us form, and we will reply to you with the details.