Development Process

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Project Team that takes part in the development process consists of:

  • Project Manager;
  • Developers;
  • Quality Assurance Specialists.

An individual Project Manager is assigned to each project. Our company offers this service free of charge. Project Manager is your main contact person during the whole period of the development. He manages a project team, takes care of the budget, development terms, answers all the questions that arise, keeps reports.  

In the product development process we use a project management system and version control system. The project management system is intended for task planning and distribution between project team members, as well as tracking their performance. In our company the project management system Redmine is used. The access to project management systems is given depending on the collaboration models: on hourly rate projects - right upon the start; on fixed price projects there is no access as a rule. If you wish to use your own system, we shall always meet your needs. We are experienced in working with JIRA, TrackStudio, Unfundle, Bugzilla, Redmine, and customer’s own developments.

Version control system provides a single program code storage for the whole project. The work with the storage is organized so that you can get a ready and functioning code at any moment. Our company is currently using Subversion (SVN) and Git.

As a rule, we provide the access to the source code with the hourly rate model. With the fixed price model we will have to initially agree after what stage to hand the source code over to you.

As a result of the development a customer gets a product ready for sale and use.

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