Fixed price payment model

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The model is suitable for:

This model suits projects with well-defined requirements and a ready technical specification.

Specific details:

The technical specification allows us to estimate the budget for your project and establish the time frame. If however technical requirements for your project are not specified yet, we can offer you to start collaboration with writing Technical Specification which will later help fix the price and reduce the time frame. In case of this model the price, time frame and requirements are fixed.

Payment scheme:

In case of the fixed collaboration model we require a pre-payment. The amount and terms of the pre-payment are considered on an individual basis.


  • Fixed budget and time frame;

How do I pay?

You can pay for our services by means of a wire transfer. Please mind the fee your bank charges for transactions.

Our specialists will help you define whether your project suits this model. To get more detailed information please contact us.